A selection of presentations & publications:

Understanding the Material Properties of Leather - Old and New

2018     Symposium: The Current Use of Leather in Book Conservation, Houston, TX

"Facts and Inferences" - Digitizing Shadows from the Walls of Death  part 3

2018     Circulating Now, Bethesda, MD

Oil on Paper:  A collaborative conservation challenge

2017     Book and Paper Group Annual, Vol. 36

Preserving Science at the National Library of Medicine

2017     Circulating Now, Bethesda, MD

Tracking Color Shift in Ballpoint Pen Ink Using Photoshop Assisted Spectroscopy:

A Nondestructive Technique Developed to Rehouse a Nobel Laureate's Manuscript

2016     The American Archivist, Vol. 79, Issue 1

Photoshop® Assisted Spectroscopy: An Economical and Non-Destructive Method for Tracking Color Shift

2015     Topics in Photographic Preservation, Vol. 16

Materials and Enclosure Testing Prior to Rehousing a Nobel Laureate's Research

2014     Virginia Conservation Association Newsletter, Richmond, VA

Digital imaging analysis of writing material using "Photoshop assisted spectroscopy"

2012     American Institute for Conservation Annual Meeting, Albuquerque, NM

Conservation Outreach at the National Library of Medicine

2011     The Public Face of Conservation, Williamsburg, VA

Kristi Wright

Nestled in the mountains of Front Royal, VA

About Kristi

Kristi Wright, principal of Wright Conservation & Framing, is apprentice-trained and has been active in the book and paper conservation field for over a decade. 

She has a Masters in Library and Information Science as well as a Certificate of graduate study with a focus on preservation.

She has worked with government and academic institutions as well as with private collectors.